Pool Inspection and Maintenance Logbook

Recreation New Brunswick is proud to offer a logbook for the aquatic field. This log book has been modeled after the Arena Inspection and Maintenance Log Book as it is able to be used for seasonal or outdoor operations as well as year round aquatic facilities on a daily basis. This publication will allow aquatic personnel to accurately record information pertaining to repairs to equipment and the facility as well as certain chemical records that are pertinent to the operation of a pool(s). The logbook also covers such areas as regular day-to-day checklists for areas such as the lobby, change rooms, and the washrooms, etc.

It is our belief that this manual should be used as a standard record keeping system for aquatic staff to record daily checklist, inventory list and as a general maintenance log for repairs and improvements that have been completed. Each checklist in this logbook has space available for customers to customize each list for additional items that the customer would like inspected on a regular basis. This document will act as an excellent management tool for any reasonable risk management program.

Cost: English $72 (Member) $82 (Non-member) | French $92 (Member) $102 (Non-member). 13% HST is extra.

Copies of this publication can be obtained by contacting the Recreation New Brunswick, RFANS or RPEI offices.