May 12, 2015

Trail Maintenance Logbook

Trail Maintenance Logbook

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Recreation New Brunswick is pleased to present a Trail Maintenance Log Book. The Association has worked with a number of community recreation programmers and maintenance personnel to develop this publication. RNB would like to specifically thank Mr. Poul Jorgensen of The New Brunswick Trails Council Inc.

Trails require regular inspections and maintenance. This logbook has been developed as part of Recreation New Brunswick's risk management strategy. This logbook is meant to be used as a standard record keeping system for your community trail network, a maintenance log for operations and repairs and should be used, at minimum, on a weekly basis.

This logbook has been set up in a generic format to best accommodate usage in all New Brunswick communities.

Cost: English $26 (Member) $36 (Non-member) plus 13% HST

Copies of this publication can be obtained by contacting Recreation New Brunswick.