June 19, 2015



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The NB PLAYBOOK is a comprehensive resource designed for front-line leaders of after school programs offered to children and youth. The PLAYBOOK promotes the use of a blended approach, encouraging Healthy Eating – nutrition labeling, gardening and fun recipes; Physical Activity – fundamental movement skills, outdoor play, inclusive physical activity and active transportation; Learning Experiences – experiential learning, story­telling, reading and supporting children with learning disabilities; and Community Strengths – partnerships, volunteering, culture, music and dance.

NB PLAYS! highlights the important role that First Nations Culture can play in the lives of children and youth. It teaches that all things in life are connected and recognizes a holistic approach. Throughout NB PLAYS!, leaders will find information on First Nations values, cultural practices and traditional activities that were provided by a variety of First Nation groups throughout New Brunswick.

NB PLAYS! also recognizes the significant role that mental health and resiliency play in the lives of children and youth. After school programs can help promote Positive Mental Health through diverse programming. Throughout The PLAYBOOK leaders will find activities that foster positive mental health. These activities will help create a safe and friendly environment where children and youth feel a sense of belonging.

Overall, The NB PLAYBOOK provides leaders with the information, activities and resources necessary to ensure quality after school programming for children and youth in New Brunswick.

You can purchase a copy of the NB PLAYBOOK by contacting Program Coordinator, Michelle DeCourcey at 506.459.1929 Ext 2 or email: