April 27, 2020

Responsible Recreation

Responsible Recreation

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As our province contnues to band together to halt the spread of COVID-19, we commend our municipal parks and recreation agencies on their efforts to enforce the guidelines of our public health officials and educate citizens on safe usage of their parks and trails. These outdoor spaces continue to serve as valuable community assets that offer citizens places to breathe fresh air, connect with nature, and remain physically active. Public health experts agree that outdoor exercise can be an important part of our current reality, as long as we maintain a safe physical distance of two metres between each other.

Good judgment and preparation are essential to ensure that we can safely enjoy outdoor spaces and activity during this difficult time. This includes staying home if you have symptoms or are required to self-isolate, observing physical distancing protocols, and following all guidelines laid out by our public health officials and local government.

We have created this document outlining recommendations for responsible use of parks and trails for you to share via your social media channels, or to print at various locations within your community.