July 27th, 2021

2021 Rate Determination Survey

2021 Rate Determination Survey

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This report presents the findings of a survey that was sent to urban and rural municipalities across New Brunswick. The survey consisted of 7 questions regarding rate determination for recreation facilities and related topics. The purpose of this survey was to create an avenue for municipalities across the province to share their practices and policies, facilitating a collaborative approach to the development of optimal rate determination for recreation facilities.

The survey asked questions regarding fees and rates for certain athletic fields, and buildings, focusing on different categories, whether that be prime fee, non-prime, senior, adult and youth rates. The survey also asked respondents for insights on how their respective municipalities determine their rates, if they have certain methods to determine those rates, the recreation management software they use and if they are content with the software.

In terms of the rates reported by municipalities, the main finding is that there are notable inconsistencies across the province in both urban and rural communities. For rate determination we found that the majority of both urban and rural municipalities use one or more of the following methods: cost recovery and subsidy model, local community comparison, historical rates and annual rates increases dependent on review and approval by local council. For subsidization the preponderance of rural and urban municipalities allocated theirs for youth, ranging between a subsidization rate of 26-50%. A miniscule amount of all respondents indicated a subsidization rate for seniors, and adults, ranging between 25-75%. Additionally, most municipalities are using the recreation software Max-Galaxy which is soon becoming active net. Out of the 11 respondents, 36% are with max galaxy/active net. Three rural municipalities do not use any recreation management software or booking software.