Our Team

 Recreation NB is the collective voice for meaningful, quality, accessible and safe recreation in New Brunswick. We strive to create a happier, healthier New Brunswick where all citizens have equitable access to recreation opportunities. 

Our Staff

Chris Gallant

Executive Director

(506) 459-1929 ext 1

Kristen O'brien

Physical literacy development coordinator

(506)-459-1929 ext 2

Jacob Weinstein

Engagement & Education Coordinator

(506) 459-1929 ext 3

Ashtyn Smith

Project Development Coordinator

(506) 459-1929 ext 4

Nicole Bell


(506) 459-1929 ext 5


Our Board of Directors

Matt Pryde


(506) 364-4977

John Burns


(506) 460-2020

Jackie Dunn


(506) 357-4455

Jeremy McShane


(506) 321-4222

Greg Cutler

Past President

(506) 849-5750

Jason Walsh


(506) 623-2054

Holly McNeil


(506) 372-3280


Grant Sinclair

GNB Consultant Department of

Tourism, Heritage & Culture

Cynthia Stacey


(506) 453-5062

Tanya Hawkes


(506) 575-2240

Charlene Shannon-McCallum


(506) 458-7533


Chris Gallant

Executive Director

Recreation NB

Recreation NB's Board of Directors is comprised of a volunteer group of 10 individuals representing the recreation and parks field and municipalities from across the province.


Our Partners

As a non-profit organization, our national and provincial partners help make our important work possible. These partnerships allow us to develop and administer programs that provide all New Brunswickers the opportunity to experience recreation, and therefore help build a happier, healthier province.

Our Committees

We offer our members the opportunity to be involved in every facet of our initiatives related to our bottom line, of advancing the recreation and parks field, through various committees. Committee members help formulate and facilitate concrete changes for New Brunswick through a collaborative model. Our wide range of dynamic committees are composed of volunteer members from diverse backgrounds in the recreation field, from various not-for-profit and government sectors.

Inclusive Recreation Committee

The Inclusive Recreation Committee assists the Recreation New Brunswick Board of Directors with issues surrounding inclusive recreation. The Committee, also serving as the provincial body of the National Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability, allows the association a voice both provincially and nationally. This committee is Chaired by, Charlene Shannon-McCallum of the University of New Brunswick.

Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning matters with respect to: training for facility staff, planning and use of physical facilities, and procedures for planning and designing physical facilities. This Committee is chaired by, Jeremy McShane of the Town of St. Stephen.

Committees We Sit On

  • Parks and Trails Day NB Committee

  • WELLderness Planning Committee

  • NB Environmental Network

  • ParaSport New Brunswick

  • The Network for Safe Sport and Recreation in New Brunswick

  • NB Physical Literacy Coalition Working Group

  • Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Coalition Steering Committee (HEPAC)

  • Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA)

  • Atlantic Outdoor Forum Executive Planning Committee

  • Built Environment Working Group HEPAC

  • Co-Chair Healthy Eating in Recreation Environments Working Group

  • Atlantic Recreation and Facilities Conference Planning Committee

  • CPRA Finance and Risk Management Committee

  • Canadian Recreation Facilities Network