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The Inclusive Recreation Committee:

Recreation NB | Loisirs N.-B.’s Inclusive Recreation Committee supports community efforts to break down barriers and connect individuals with a disability with recreation opportunities in New Brunswick. This committee strives to ensure that New Brunswick municipalities and recreation and sport organizations have the knowledge and resources necessary to develop and support these essential, health-promoting programs for individuals of all abilities.

The committee recognizes that “inclusive” is a broad term that has evolved over the years. We understand it as the aim to provide equitable access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized. Acknowledging the value of inclusion for all underserved groups, this committee is focused on supporting inclusion for individuals with a disability. 


The committee recognizes “recreation” as participation in physical, social, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual pursuits that enhance individual and community wellbeing.


What is the Inclusive Recreation Database?

The Inclusive Recreation Database is an up-to-date resource aimed at providing detailed information about recreation spaces throughout the province to better support individuals with a disability. The database is not to judge the degree of accessibility of a space, but rather to highlight the accessible features within a space so that attendees have a better understanding of the spaces before their arrival. What may be accessible for one person may not be accessible for another, therefore we have been careful to provide a detailed account of the condition of the facility and spaces and the accessible features.

(A confidential review/assessment with a detailed list of recommendations for the business owner/operator can be provided by Ability New Brunswick. For more information about the Accessibility Review Tool please contact Ability New Brunswick | Capacité Nouveau- Brunswick.)

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