Recreation NB Award of Merit

Annually, RPANB seeks nominations for the RPANB Award of Distinction. The Award of Distinction is the premier award presented by RPANB. This award is presented to an individual, community, facility, or group in recognition of their meritorious and significant achievement at the community or provincial level. The recipient shall have made a significant and distinct contribution to the field of recreation through such areas as growth, development and/or enhancement of recreation. The nominee will also have promoted high standards and public awareness of Recreation in New Brunswick.

All members or affiliates of RPANB are entitled to submit nominations for this award. Please complete the nomination form together with an information sheet that fully describes the contributions of the nominee keeping in mind the above selection criteria.

Supporting Documentation:

  • Newspaper clippings, awards and photographs should accompany this nomination.
  • Brief biographical data both personal and professional.
  • List of contributions and accomplishments to the field of recreation.
  • Other pertinent information.
  • Documentation must also include the provided nomination form.