About Us

Recreation NB is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to building healthy and vibrant communities by developing and promoting recreation and parks. We believe this field includes everything from play and sport to arts, culture and outdoor pursuits. All are essential for creating positive and supportive environments that foster healthy and happy citizens.

Recreation NB acts as a voice for the recreation and parks movement in the province while providing educational opportunities, developing resource materials and building productive partnerships with like-minded organizations. Recreation NB is an active member of multiple coalitions aimed at building capacity for active living. These partnerships have created positive change in diverse settings and have enhanced recreation opportunities for a variety of populations in New Brunswick, including municipalities, First Nation communities, after school programs, persons with a disability and older adults. Recreation NB aims to be a champion for the value and benefit of recreation opportunities for all New Brunswickers.


Recreation NB provides leadership, education, advocacy and services to identified stakeholders that foster recreation experiences to enhance the wellbeing of individuals, communities and our natural and built environments.