Our Team

We are a not for profit organization dedicated to advancing the recreation and parks field by broadening the knowledge and experience base of our members and by advocating for the value and benefit of leisure and recreation opportunities for all people. Founded in 1974, and incorporated in 1987, our goal has remained constant; to positively impact the health and wellbeing of New Brunswickers through promotion of the field of recreation.

Chris Gallant -

Chris Gallant

Executive Director

Michelle DeCourcey -

Michelle DeCourcey

Project Development Coordinator

Peter Morrison -

Peter Morrison

Training and Services Coordinator

Nicole Bell -

Nicole Bell


About Us

Recreation New Brunswick is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to building healthy and vibrant communities by developing and promoting recreation and parks. We believe this field includes everything from play and sport to arts, culture and outdoor pursuits. All are essential for creating positive and supportive environments that foster healthy and happy citizens.

Recreation New Brunswick acts as a voice for the recreation and parks movement in the province while providing educational opportunities, developing resource materials and building productive partnerships with like-minded organizations. Recreation New Brunswick is an active member of multiple coalitions aimed at building capacity for active living. These partnerships have created positive change in diverse settings and have enhanced recreation opportunities for a variety of populations in New Brunswick, including municipalities, First Nation communities, after school programs, persons with a disability and older adults. Recreation New Brunswick aims to be a champion for the value and benefit of recreation opportunities for all New Brunswickers.


Recreation New Brunswick provides leadership, education, advocacy and services to its members and stakeholders that foster recreation experiences to enhance the quality of life of all New Brunswickers.


Recreation New Brunswick is the recognized lead association of recreation stakeholders promoting meaningful, accessible recreation experiences as essential means for enhancing individual wellbeing, community wellbeing and the wellbeing of our natural and built environments.As dedicated Recreation Professionals we will lead our profession, peers, government and community to a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle rich in recreation opportunities.

Our Board Members

Under Recreation New Brunswick’s current constitution, the Board of Directors is comprised of a volunteer group of 10 individuals representing the recreation profession and municipalities throughout the province. We make every effort to embrace as many sectors of the field as possible, and the Board of Directors strives to include regional representation.

Dana Purton-Dickson


Greg Cutler


Kathryn Baird



Robert Corkerton


Jason Walsh


Randy Wilson


Ashley Arrowsmith


Holly McNeil


Matt Pryde


Jason Peters



Grant Sinclair

Consultant, Sport and Recreation Branch - Parks, Recreation and Heritage Division - Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture

Our Committees

We offer our members the opportunity to be involved in every facet of our initiatives related to our bottom line, of advancing the recreation and parks field, through various committees. Committee members help formulate and facilitate concrete changes for New Brunswick through a collaborative model. Our wide range of dynamic committees are composed of volunteer members from diverse backgrounds in the recreation field, from various not-for-profit and government sectors.

Inclusive Recreation Committee

The Inclusive Recreation Committee assists the Recreation New Brunswick Board of Directors with issues surrounding inclusive recreation. The Committee, also serving as the provincial body of the National Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability, allows the association a voice both provincially and nationally. This committee is Chaired by, Greg Cutler of the City of Saint John.

Communications Committee

The aim of the Communications Committee is to facilitate communication between Recreation New Brunswick’s Board of Directors and the public. This includes the general public, the media, and the various levels of government. This committee is Chaired by Ashley Arrowsmith of the Town of Riverview and is designated to guide messaging and advise the Executive of the Board of Directors with, President – Dana Purton-Dickson acting as the spokesperson for Recreation New Brunswick.

Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning matters with respect to: training for facility staff, planning and use of physical facilities, and procedures for planning and designing physical facilities.

HIGH FIVE® Advisory Committee

Recreation New Brunswick established this HIGH FIVE® Advisory Committee in 2015 to support the development, growth and positioning of HIGH FIVE® as the standard for quality programming in this province. The purpose of this committee is to provide advice and guidance towards the overall development of HIGH FIVE® New Brunswick including supporting and advising, the development and delivery of HIGH FIVE components.

NB PLAYS! Advisory Committee

The NB PLAYS! advisory committee is a versatile group of health and wellness advocates from across the province. The team is composed of representatives from government, non-profit and private sectors, as well as First Nation organizations. The committee includes champions of recreation, health, wellness, education, quality childcare, parks and sport.

Committees We Sit On

  • Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability
  • in motion Parks and Trails Day Committee
  • Tobacco Free Outdoor Spaces Committee
  • Landscape NB Education Committee
  • First Nations/Aboriginal People Network
  • Para NB Sport and Recreation Committee
  • Physical Activity Working Group
  • Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Coalition
  • Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA)
  • Canadian Recreation Facilities Council
  • NB Camping Association
  • Built Environment Working Group
  • CPRA Infrastructure Task Group
  • Provincial Election Advocacy Committee
  • NB Aquatics Committee
  • Winter Wellness Days Committee

Our Partners

As a non-profit organization, our national and provincial partners help make our important work possible. These partnerships allow us to develop and administer programs that provide all New Brunswickers the opportunity to experience recreation, and therefore help build a happier, healthier province.

Canadian Parks and Recreation Association
Canadian Parks and Recreation Association

Since 2011, CPRA has been co-leading with the Interprovincial Sport and Recreation Council (ISRC) the development of A Framework for Recreation in Canada. The Framework will provide a new vision for recreation and suggest some common ways of thinking about the renewal of recreation based on clear goals and underlying values and principles.

Canadian Recreation Facilities Council
Canadian Recreation Facilities Council

The Canadian Recreation Facilities Council (CRFC) is comprised of 13 Provincial and Territorial Facility Associations across Canada. Our Members have collectively provided quality facility services. Information relative to the programs and services can be obtained from each organization separately.


HIGH FIVE® is Canada’s quality standard for children’s recreation and sport. Before HIGH FIVE, no standard existed and there was a clear need for an innovative approach to help organizations enhance program quality and provide positive experiences for children, which would remain with them for a lifetime.


ParticipACTION is the national voice of physical activity and sport participation in Canada. As a national not-for-profit organization solely dedicated to inspiring and supporting healthy and active living for Canadians, it works with its partners, which include sport, physical activity, recreation organizations, government and corporate sponsors, to inspire and support Canadians to move more.